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We support the DSC women's volleyball
10-20-2021 The Dresden sports club was founded in 1898 and has a long tradition. The currently most successful team is the women's volleyball team. We have been supporting the team since 2002. 20 years of top sport with many great moments. We say THANK YOU and keep our fingers crossed for the 20th season "with us".

Sponsoring Ice Lions
10-10-2021 We as German Copters are not only crazy about drones and everything you can do with them, but also crazy about sports. Now we are pleased that, as a partner of the Dresdner Eislöwen, we can support the Dresden DEL2 team with our sponsorship in the current season. German Copters will present the penalties this season. If you love your sport with a lot of emotionality and fight hard for victory, you sometimes have to fight a little harder. In ice hockey, penalties are difficult to avoid. But we don't see it that strictly and want to present these punishments in a funny and entertaining way with little stories on the scoreboard. We received a lot of positive feedback on the first day of the match. We'll come up with more little stories. Just come to the game and check the scoreboard from time to time.

Construction Side Inspection
10-06-2021 There are tasks that only involve a visual inspection from the air. Of course, this task could also be done with an M300, for example, but it is easier to fly with a smaller drone. With small drones we have a lower risk, they are easier to set up and we can use our more expensive technology for other jobs. The Phantom 4 pro is particularly interesting compared to the Mavic 2 pro because the controller has an HDMI output, and the image can be transmitted to an external tablet with the help of a transmitter. That makes working with the customer a lot easier.

New Online-Shop
09-23-2021 Don't worry, we didn't switch to the fashion industry. Not only our employees, but also friends and drone fans have always asked us about our jackets and shirts. Everything is now easier because we have integrated our own shop into our website. Check it out, have fun and order when you enjoy it.

-> Shop
Trade Fair InterGeo 2021
09-23-2021 Intergeo21 was not only a great trade fair because we were able to speak to people there again, but we were also able to see and touch technology. There were some new developments to be seen that really impressed us. As a drone company, we are of course more focused on drone technology. But it is already foreseeable that we will use some new developments in our company.

Trade Fair Husum Wind 2021
09-16-2021 As a drone service provider, we always look at how we can permanently expand our services using the skills we have built up. For some time now we have been dealing with inspections of wind turbines with drones. We also use exhibitions and analyze how our skills in building and tower inspections can be adapted for this service. Our previous knowledge was once again confirmed at the trade fair.

Sponsoring HC Elbfloren
09-01-2021 The handball club has grown steadily since it was founded in 2006. The club now not only has over 400 members, but the men’s team has also played in the 2nd Bundesliga since 2017. We as German Copters see a great future for handball in Dresden. We think and hope that the club can move up to the top German league in the medium term. In this way, the HCE can also contribute to increasing the image of Dresden. As German Copters, we want to make a contribution with our sponsorship.
Interview for Droniq
08-03-2021 We were asked by Droniq GmbH if we would answer some questions about drone-based medical logistics. Sure, we were happy to do it.

Perhaps our approaches are a little different because we already have 20 years of experience with ground-based medical logistics and have also been in the drone business since 2005. So, we know the price pressure as well as the technical challenges in drone logistics. However, we are not a manufacturer of drones and are therefore not dependent on specified designs, technologies, or other restrictions. What counts for us is the proven flight characteristics of the drones, the profitability of flight operations and the possibility of integrating drone logistics into the existing logistics chains.

Inspections of complex structures
07-26-2021 Even if some system providers like to suggest it, complex tasks cannot be done automatically with the "push of a button". It is not only the knowledge of optics, weather, photogrammetry, flight planning and drone technology, especially the experience of the pilots is important when carrying out complex inspection tasks. We have researched, tested and analyzed and can now deliver high quality results for the inspection of complex structures.

Inspections with the M300RTK
07-15-2021 For inspections where a high-resolution camera and a thermal camera are used, the DJI M300RTK is currently the best drone for us. We not only carry out inspections on radio towers, but also on cranes, wind turbines and roofs.

Heavy duty crane
06-16-2021 Large drones do not always have to be used for large inspections. Smaller drones are safer to fly, especially in complex environments. The camera of our small drone generates images of such high resolution that the test engineer can see every detail. This makes the examiners' work easier and saves the otherwise time-consuming climbing.

Video production for Uplink
06-15-2021 We are pleased that we were able to implement the video project for Uplink Network GmbH. Not only was it a great video shoot, but it was also exciting to see the technology behind the transmission of signals for television and radio.

German Copters in Middle East
06-12-2021 The shareholders' meeting to confirm the annual financial statements took place at German Copters on Thursday. The shareholders confirmed the annual financial statements. The activity of managing director René Micknaß was confirmed with 100% of the shareholders. At the same time, it was decided that the company's profits will not be distributed to the shareholders. This is intended to support the further growth of the company.

The strategic direction of the company was confirmed by the shareholders. In 2020, the highest sales were generated in the logistics and inspections departments. These two areas are currently experiencing disproportionate growth. The planned increase in the number of employees should also support the growth of these two profit centers in the long term. In addition to the establishment of business operations in the Middle East, the expansion of the service in "BIM / GIS support" was given as a further goal this year.
Two Years German Copters!
06-06-2021 How quickly time flies. Happy B-Day to all of us for 2 years of German Copters. And we would like to say one more thing: if only 10% of the projects we are currently preparing can be brought to life, then the German Copters rocket will fly. We are already a highly profitable company, we invest a lot of time and money in new technologies and we are getting better every day. It's just exciting!
We would like to thank our employees, customers, partners and our shareholders for the great support. Thank you all!

Surveys with drones
05-10-2021 The creation of official site plans is very time-consuming and provides only a limited amount of information. This task can be better implemented with airborne photogrammetry. With the drones from German Copters, flights can be carried out at very short intervals. From the recorded aerial photographs, digital aerial photographs and surface models are generated, which can then be processed into site plans. The client receives CAD data (point cloud) and a digital orthophoto. Compared to classic surveying, the costs of drone flights are rather low. Recurring drone flights can be carried out during a construction project, for example to document the construction progress.

Test a new Drone
05-28-2021 Yesterday we took a look at the Arial Robotics drone that we want to add to our drone logistics network. We are already using different drones for our services. In the area of logistics, the GT 20 will play an important role alongside our fix-wing drones in the near future. During the test near Frankfurt, we were able to clarify many questions directly with the development engineers. We still have to analyze, discuss, test and calculate, but we think this drone fits our concept perfectly.

Agricultural drones
05-12-2021 Increasingly, artificial intelligence and deep learning technology are being used in agriculture to revolutionize the pest control process. The aim is to replace the large-scale spraying of pesticides with precise and selective spraying.

German Copters' drones are used to build the database for the AI. The result is a sample database, which enables the useful plants to be differentiated from other plants. Then machines are used that can spray with high precision before and after the harvest. This saves the farmers money, is environmentally friendly, healthier and the plants become less resistant to pesticides.
Inspections with drones for 14 years
01-15-2021 Some jobs are really rare, but they are really fun. For a customer we produced some film sequences from the air. The sequences above Wackerbarth Castle were recorded with permission and after the visitors had already left the area.

Business Tripp Middle Easr
02-27-2021 Contacts are vital in business. But in times of Corona, these contacts can also cost lives. Our company is now organized 95% digitally. Nevertheless, there are emotional components such as trust and respect that are difficult to implement on the screen. In many cultures, “showing your face” is just as important as the product and the service itself.

We think that trade fairs and exhibitions are not really suitable at the moment, even when implementing the best hygiene concepts. We have decided to cancel our trade fair appearances and concentrate more on our direct contacts. But the effort is enormous. For the quarantine when entering the destination country and when returning to Germany, two weeks alone must be planned. The risk in the travel destination is not always clearly identifiable because either the calculation is different or the risk is communicated differently. But if a project has been digitally worked on for almost a year and the goal is in sight, we accept the challenge. And there is also a positive side effect: Seven days of quarantine are seven days of undisturbed working hours. The effectiveness is high and the output is enormous.
Dana Heinrich appointed as the new Director of Logistics
02-02-2021 We welcome Dana Heinrich to the German Copters team. She will take over the organization of logistics in the company with immediate effect and report directly to the managing director. With Dana, we were able to hire a decisive and communicative employee. We look forward to her female power and a successful cooperation.

The previous Head of Logistics Eike Oehm is leaving German Copters at his own request. We are very sorry to lose him and thank you for his cooperation. We wish him continued success and all the best personally for the future.
Inspections with drones for 14 years
01-09-2021 We have been inspecting buildings, towers and radio masts with drones for over 14 years. In the beginning, we started with home-built drones. During this time, flying was a real challenge due to the “multiplex” control, which made it difficult and less safe to fly than today’s systems. Also, the flight times only lasted approximately 10 minutes during these early times. Now we are seeing drones weighing 250g that have tenfold performance when comparing it to a 26,000€ drone back in the day, all while being more technologically advanced. Currently, we fly the Microdrones model md 4-200, which has come a long way from our home-built drones. We are excited to see what the future holds for drone technology. And will be looking forward to using the new DJI Mavic 3 and the GT20 from AR on future inspections as well as expanding our fleet.

New EU-Certificate “proof of knowledge”
12-31-2020 As of today, the new certificates of knowledge for drone pilots can be filed on the website of the Federal Aviation Office. For the “small” A1 and A3 certificates, the exam can be taken online after completing the online course. All German Copters pilots that previously held the “old” German proof of knowledge have already successfully passed the test for the new “EU drone driving license” on the first day. When the courses and exams become available for the A2 pilot certification, the German Copters pilots plan to successfully complete these as well.
It was a successful 2020
12.23.2020 It was a difficult year, but a highly successful one for us. Despite the restrictions caused by Coronavirus, we have not only tripled sales in the medical logistics sector, we have also changed the structures in the company, so that German Copters can be managed 100% digitally. With Uplink GmbH and RKH Clinics, we were not only able to win new customers, but we were able to further strengthen our existing customer relationships and achieve relevant increases in sales with our existing customers.
The year 2021 will be a milestone for German Copters. In the last two years, we have worked intensively on the conception and technical solutions for setting up a regular drone flight operation for the transportation of medical materials. We are confident that we will operate the first long-haul flights before summer 2021.
We wish all employees, customers, partners and their families a peaceful and relaxing Christmas and also a Happy New Year 2021.

We are pleased to welcome Uplink Network GmbH as a new customer
12-10-2020UPLINK Network GmbH, founded in 2013, has established itself as the market leader in recent years as part of the deregulation of the market for FM transmitter network operations. With the operation of 750 VHF frequencies today, most of which are held with their own frequency allocation, the company is helping to shape an exciting industry and taking care of the who-is-who of private and public radio broadcasters. German Copters will survey radio masts for Uplink and provide 3D data for analysing the antenna systems and maintenance preparation.

Medical logistics - cooperation between the RKH clinics and German Copters
11-11-2020 We are looking forward to the project that we will be implementing together with the RKH clinics. In terms of complexity, innovative technology, and route lengths, it will be the first project of its kind in Europe.

Press article on the project with the RKH clinics
11-20-2020 When will medical drones fly? - asks the Ludwigsburg newspaper. We are currently working intensively on the practical implementation. Over 30 authorities, institutions, and associations are currently involved in the preparations. In addition to the technical coordination with the various air traffic participants, we also have to take into consideration the environmental protection, safety concepts, and the establishment of communication chains.

Article Ludwigsburger Newspaper

RKH clinics are strengthening their own laboratories - also with transport drones
11-14.2020 The Pfortzheimer Zeitung reports on the German Copters project and particularly emphasizes the importance it has on combating the coronavirus.

Article Pfortzheimer Newspaper

Pilot project: transport of medicines by drone
11-12-2020 For a few months, German Copters has been working with the RKH clinics in Baden-Württemberg on a project to optimize the transport of laboratory samples and urgently needed medical supplies. The first calculations have shown that transport times can be reduced by up to 75% when transporting laboratory samples. The Ludwigsburger Zeitung reported on the project.

Article Ludwigsburger Newspaper

Medical logistics - the SWR reports
11-12-2020 The SWR reported when the RKH clinics presented the joint project with German Copters GmbH for the drone transport of laboratory samples in Markgrönningen.

Start-ups need more freedom
08-13-2020 Currently, we are noticing that innovative start-ups cannot work according to standardized business plans. It is not just the imponderables in the technical development process that are difficult to calculate. The greatest risks arise from unclear or non-existent legal regulations, blanket bans, unclear responsibilities in the authorities or an exhausting legislative process. Our hard-earned technological lead simply cannot be capitalized as a result. Other countries, such as Canada, China, New Zealand and the USA, are increasingly leaving us Germans behind when it comes to launching innovative products and services. According to our research, innovations that are comparable to ours can be brought to market in China within 2 to 3 months. In Germany, the comparable process unfortunately takes an average of 1.5 to 2 years. The quality seal “Made in Germany” is increasingly fading, as we in Germany find it increasingly difficult to be “made”. For these reasons, we welcome the statements by Prime Minister of Saxony, Michael Kretschmer, who calls for more freedom for innovative companies. According to his statements in, innovations must not fail due to legal regulations. But that is only one component for a faster market launch of innovative products. We also demand more courage and willingness to communicate from the authorities - at least in Saxony. This could lead to greater mutual understanding and accelerate the difficult administrative processes.

Prime Minister of Saxony Michael Kretschmer in Entrepreneur-Magazine

Droniq UTM successfully tested
11-12-2020 Flights with a drone out of sight (BVLOS) only make sense if the drone is equipped with FLARM and ADS-B and is visible to other aircraft. That is why German Copters relies on a HoD (HookOnDevice) from Droniq, which not only makes the drone visible to other air traffic participants using FLARM and ADSB, but also enables software-supported active collision avoidance. This basic requirement allows for safer drone flights out of sight (BVLOS)

Radio mast inspections
10-30-2020 German Copters have been working on the development of new methods for inspecting radio masts for over a year. The main focus here is to increase efficiency from data acquisition to analysis. With the use of semi-professional drones it has made it possible to significantly reduce these costs. In cooperation with one of the world's largest system providers for complex radio transmitter infrastructure, an analysis system based on 360-degree video was developed, which is easy to implement in daily practice. The Europe-wide introduction of the analysis system is currently in preparation.

The clinic magazine reports on the German Copters project
11-12-2020 The coronavirus pandemic calls for new innovative ideas and concepts. The RKH clinics are working together with German Copters to optimize ground-based and drone-based logistics for faster medical processes and a greater safety for patients and employees.

Press Article Clinic Magazine

German Copters prepares SORA documents for a new project
11-10-2020 A SORA (Specific Operations Risk Assessment) is a risk analysis used for unmanned flight systems (civil drones). SORA is a development of the Joint Authorities for Rulemaking on Unmanned Systems, or JARUS. SORA is used as a multi-stage process for the risk assessment and is intended to improve safety while using drones. Risk management is used to identify and contain dangers to people on the ground, air traffic, and critical infrastructure. German Copters has been developing SORAs for various projects in collaboration with Droniq for over a year. A SORA created by German Copters includes, not only the risk analysis, but also a detailed ConOps (Concept of Operations) as the basis of the guidelines that were drawn up for an official approval process.
Presentation in the port of Dresden
09-09-2020 German Copters was invited to the meeting of the Saxon Harbor and Transport Association ( CEO René Micknaß and CMO Holger Schulze presented and discussed solutions based on drones in logistics. German Copters says thank you very much for the invitation, and it was an exciting event with many interesting discussions.
360-degree photo with almost 1 gigapixel resolution
09-04-2020 High-resolution photography,so-called "gigapixel photography", is not only used in marketing campaigns. This technology is also used in the construction planning and analysis of properties. CMO Holger Schulze is one of the pioneers of this technology. In 2013, he produced the largest image in the world, which contained over 320 gigapixels (confirmed Guinness World Record) in London. High-resolution photos are also created for customers in Germany. The city of Dresden has almost a 1 gigapixel photo of its surroundings.

Foto 1 Gigapixel photo of Dresden

German Copters in the test camp - drop test
08-11-2020 For almost a year we have been preparing technically and organizationally for the transportation of urgently needed medical materials, tissue samples, and blood samples. We also have been discussing the approval of these drone flights with the local authorities since mid-March. The documents for this application process are more than 150 pages long. During the approval process the authorities wanted to witness a drop test. This test is intended to show that the transport box, we use, is also suitable for the transportation of hazardous biological materials. The drop test should be carried out according to the existing specifications from a height of 5 to 10 meters. This is not practical since the drone can have a flight altitude of over 100 meters at any given time. Since the box cannot detach itself from the drone due to the multiple safeguards installed, we removed those safeguards to perform the tests. We decided to drop the box from a height of 60 meters and 100 meters. The results from both tests concluded that there was no damage to the packaging or the goods inside the box.

German Copters vehicles in a new look
07-01-2020 We still see the future of transportation as a hybrid of ground and air transport, but until then we will have to rely on ground. We shall confidently show this with our vehicles.
German copters at the Minister of Transport and digital Infrastructure
08-13-2020 Together with our technology partner G-UAV, we presented the drones we use and our new ground station to the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure. The occasion was the presentation of the federal government's new action plan: "Unmanned Aviation Systems and Innovative Aviation Concepts" by Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer. Something is moving in Germany and we are at the forefront.

One year of German Copters
06-06-2020 Happy Birthday German Copters! We worked a lot last year, but also had a lot of fun. We have generated a profit in the first month and the company continues to grow. That is a reason to celebrate with the team and families.

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