Medical Logistics

Medical logistics

German Copters DLS GmbH strives to revolutionize and optimize the transportation routes for the delivery of medical material. In addition, we focus on patient and supply security while maintaining a more economical solution.

When developing the solutions, we bring in our core competencies in the medical field and work with the world's leading technology providers.

Safety, speed, reliability and privacy

What are the requirements of German Copters for the transport of medical material?:

  • Safety comes first. Be it the safety of the population or the safety of the cargo, GermanCopters uses proven technology and has installed several safety components. With GermanCopters the data transfer is triple, and the power supply of the drone is secured 6 times.
  • The drone has a parachute that protects people and structures on the ground in an emergency from injury or damage.
  • The transported material is anonymized. Personal data cannot be read out without the corresponding key.

Latest News

We support the DSC women's volleyball
10-20-2021 The Dresden sports club was founded in 1898 and has a long tradition. The currently most successful team is the women's volleyball team. We have been supporting the team since 2002. 20 years of top sport with many great moments. We say THANK YOU and keep our fingers crossed for the 20th season "with us".

Sponsoring Ice Lions
10-10-2021 We as German Copters are not only crazy about drones and everything you can do with them, but also crazy about sports. Now we are pleased that, as a partner of the Dresdner Eislöwen, we can support the Dresden DEL2 team with our sponsorship in the current season. German Copters will present the penalties this season. If you love your sport with a lot of emotionality and fight hard for victory, you sometimes have to fight a little harder. In ice hockey, penalties are difficult to avoid. But we don't see it that strictly and want to present these punishments in a funny and entertaining way with little stories on the scoreboard. We received a lot of positive feedback on the first day of the match. We'll come up with more little stories. Just come to the game and check the scoreboard from time to time.

Construction Side Inspection
10-06-2021 There are tasks that only involve a visual inspection from the air. Of course, this task could also be done with an M300, for example, but it is easier to fly with a smaller drone. With small drones we have a lower risk, they are easier to set up and we can use our more expensive technology for other jobs. The Phantom 4 pro is particularly interesting compared to the Mavic 2 pro because the controller has an HDMI output, and the image can be transmitted to an external tablet with the help of a transmitter. That makes working with the customer a lot easier.

New Online-Shop
09-23-2021 Don't worry, we didn't switch to the fashion industry. Not only our employees, but also friends and drone fans have always asked us about our jackets and shirts. Everything is now easier because we have integrated our own shop into our website. Check it out, have fun and order when you enjoy it.

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More News

German Copters DLS GmbH

German Copters DLS GmbH specializes in drone-based servises for photo and video recordings, engineering services and carrying out drone transports.


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