Medical Logistics

Medical logistics

German Copters DLS GmbH strives to revolutionize and optimize the transportation routes for the delivery of medical material. In addition, we focus on patient and supply security while maintaining a more economical solution.

When developing the solutions, we bring in our core competencies in the medical field and work with the world's leading technology providers.

Safety, speed, reliability and privacy

What are the requirements of German Copters for the transport of medical material?:

  • Safety comes first. Be it the safety of the population or the safety of the cargo, GermanCopters uses proven technology and has installed several safety components. With GermanCopters the data transfer is triple, and the power supply of the drone is secured 6 times.
  • The drone has a parachute that protects people and structures on the ground in an emergency from injury or damage.
  • The transported material is anonymized. Personal data cannot be read out without the corresponding key.

Latest News

Interview for Droniq
08-03-2021 We were asked by Droniq GmbH if we would answer some questions about drone-based medical logistics. Sure, we were happy to do it.

Perhaps our approaches are a little different because we already have 20 years of experience with ground-based medical logistics and have also been in the drone business since 2005. So, we know the price pressure as well as the technical challenges in drone logistics. However, we are not a manufacturer of drones and are therefore not dependent on specified designs, technologies, or other restrictions. What counts for us is the proven flight characteristics of the drones, the profitability of flight operations and the possibility of integrating drone logistics into the existing logistics chains.

Inspections of complex structures
07-26-2021 Even if some system providers like to suggest it, complex tasks cannot be done automatically with the "push of a button". It is not only the knowledge of optics, weather, photogrammetry, flight planning and drone technology, especially the experience of the pilots is important when carrying out complex inspection tasks. We have researched, tested and analyzed and can now deliver high quality results for the inspection of complex structures.

Inspections with the M300RTK
07-15-2021 For inspections where a high-resolution camera and a thermal camera are used, the DJI M300RTK is currently the best drone for us. We not only carry out inspections on radio towers, but also on cranes, wind turbines and roofs.

Heavy duty crane
06-16-2021 Large drones do not always have to be used for large inspections. Smaller drones are safer to fly, especially in complex environments. The camera of our small drone generates images of such high resolution that the test engineer can see every detail. This makes the examiners' work easier and saves the otherwise time-consuming climbing.

More News

German Copters DLS GmbH

German Copters DLS GmbH specializes in drone-based servises for photo and video recordings, engineering services and carrying out drone transports.


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