German Copters DLS GmbH strives to revolutionize and optimize the transport of medical samples and other medical goods. In addition to increasing patient and supply security, the establishment of an ecological and economical transport solution is also a priority.

When developing the solutions, we bring in our core competencies from the medical field and drone technology and work together with the world's leading technology providers.

German Copters does not develop its own drones and acts as a drone airline. New drones are constantly being evaluated in terms of technical functions, safety and profitability.


Transport of medical material and laboratory samples with drones on fixed routes approved by the authorities


Transportation of medical supplies and laboratory samples by road in areas where drone flights are not possible.


Preparation of applications, operating manuals and the specific operational risk assessment for the approval of drone flights


Consulting, concept development, profitability calculations and preparation of risk assessments for logistics projects with drones


There are a number of advantages associated with the step of outsourcing a certain part of the logistics tasks to an external service provider.
Internal evaluations, our own estimates and customer surveys have shown that the outsourcing of logistics services has significant advantages for the customer.German Copters applies the regulations of UN3373 and special regulations for general occupational safety and ensures that these are applied by all employees

Logistica Costs

In addition to the costs for maintaining capacities, it is above all personnel costs that can be saved here.

Organizational Effort

Qualified personnel in the field of logistics is difficult to find. Networked logistics processes are difficult to master.


External service providers in the field of logistics are organized in such a way that transport capacities can also be carried out "just in time".

Stock Levels

Drone transports in particular are suitable for increasing transport frequencies and carrying out transport orders as required.

Logistics with drones

Advantages in drone logistics:

  1. Time Saver: Drones can make deliveries faster than traditional delivery methods because they don't have to worry about traffic delays or traffic congestion.
  2. Cost Saving: Drones require less fuel and manpower to deliver material, which can reduce overall costs.
  3. Increased Efficiency: Drones can make multiple deliveries at the same time, improving efficiency and reducing delivery time.
  4. Access to hard-to-reach areas: Drones can bring deliveries to remote areas that are difficult to access for traditional delivery methods.
  5. Reduction of emissions: Because drones are electrically powered, they produce no emissions, which helps to improve the environment.

Logistics with vehicles

Advantages in ground logistics:

  1. Capacity: Vehicles can transport larger amounts of goods at once compared to drones.
  2. Flexibility: Vehicles can be used in areas where the use of drones cannot be approved.
  3. Cost-effectiveness: In some cases, using vehicles is more cost-effective than using drones, especially for larger deliveries or distances that drones are not yet technically able to fly.
  4. Adaptability: Vehicles can currently be more easily adapted for different types of goods, e.g. refrigerated or dangerous goods.
  5. Availability: It is legally easier to use vehicles in logistics, as there are still high legal hurdles to be overcome when using drones in certain areas.
Because German Copters is highly specialized in both areas, the advantages can be combined. For the customer, this means a new quality of service and ensures that the transport service is carried out even if, for example, drones are not allowed to fly due to inclement weather or other flight bans.

German Copters

German Copters DLS GmbH specializes in drone-based servises for photo and video recordings, engineering services and carrying out drone transports.

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