René Micknaß
René MicknaßCEO (Partner)
Dana Heinrich
Dana HeinrichDirector of Logistics
Thomas Kirchner
Thomas KirchnerMedical Advisor (Partner)



At German Copters, we believe in the power of innovation to make the world a better place. Our goal is to take medical logistics to a new level. We are committed to sustainability and social responsibility and always strive to make a positive contribution to our society.


We see a future where medical care is delivered quickly, efficiently and reliably anywhere in the world. By working with healthcare providers, we help improve access to quality medical care. Our vision is to become a leader in medical drone logistics to improve the lives of millions of people.


Dezember 1989

Start with medical logistics

The first laboratory samples were transported from hospitals and medical practices to the central laboratory in Dresden with one car and just one employee.

Dezember 1989

Mai 2007

First inspections with drones

Inspections were carried out on the roof of the water tower in Siebenlehn (Saxony) with the legendary Microdrones MD4-200

April 2008

First licensed pilot

Rene Micknass was the first drone pilot in Germany to receive a commercial license from the aviation authority

April 2008

Juni 2008

Construction documentation stadium

A drone was used for planning work and documentation of the stadium construction site in Dresden.

September 2010

Drone Development

The drones available at that time could normally only transport around 400g of payload. The self-developed drone then already 1.2kg.

September 2010

Mai 2012

Flight with Zeppelin balloon

In order to be able to carry out flights over groups of people, a zeppelin balloon was used for the first time at events.

06. Juni 2019

Foundation of the German Copters

The competencies in the areas of logistics, drone business and technology developments were bundled in a new company

06. Juni 2019

April 2022

Relocation of the company

Baden-Württemberg offers a technology company better development opportunities and is a leading federal state in Germany in the field of drone technologies.

April 2023

Operating license BVLOS

German Copters is the first company in Europe to receive approval for regular flight operations with drones in the field of medical logistics.

April 2023


There are many arguments why sports sponsorship should be part of corporate communications. These arguments are important and good. For us there are a lot of other reasons why we as German Copters get involved in sports sponsorship. The most important reason is: We are all crazy about sports. But we also see the great potential of the sports clubs we support. With our support we might be able to help the Dresdner Eislöwen and HC Elbflorenz Dresden move up to the 1st Bundesliga. and the DSC volleyball women's team can play in the Champions League again.

Dresdner Sportclub

The Dresden Sports Club has existed since 1898 and has a long tradition. The currently most successful team is the women's volleyball team. Several championship titles and trophies are on the volleyball players' long list of successes. But the team has also played successfully internationally. Whether in the Champions League or the European Cup, the team plays at a high international level.

Dresdner Eislöwen

It is possible that only a few people know that the Dresden ice hockey tradition dates back to 1909. Ice hockey has always been popular in Dresden. In the 1950s, 8,000 spectators came to a match in Dresden. After a temporary low, there is now another chance to move up to the first division. The management has a clear plan and we want to help implement it.
The handball club has been playing in the 2nd Bundesliga since 2017. The sports club is well managed and currently has over 400 members. The club has a high reputation in the city of Dresden and the region. We believe that the club will be able to make it to the first handball league in the next 3 to 4 years. The club thinks long-term and builds a young team step by step. That is a good strategy.

German Copters

German Copters DLS GmbH specializes in drone-based servises for photo and video recordings, engineering services and carrying out drone transports.

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