It was a successful 2020

It was a successful 2020

It was a difficult year, but a highly successful one for us. Despite the restrictions caused by Coronavirus, we have not only tripled sales in the medical logistics sector, we have also changed the structures in the company, so that German Copters can be managed 100% digitally. With Uplink GmbH and RKH Clinics, we were not only able to win new customers, but we were able to further strengthen our existing customer relationships and achieve relevant increases in sales with our existing customers.
The year 2021 will be a milestone for German Copters. In the last two years, we have worked intensively on the conception and technical solutions for setting up a regular drone flight operation for the transportation of medical materials. We are confident that we will operate the first long-haul flights before summer 2021.
We wish all employees, customers, partners and their families a peaceful and relaxing Christmas and also a Happy New Year 2021.

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