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We are pioneers in the drone industry and were already flying drones before YouTube, Twitter or the iPhone existed.

Drones can assist in medical care by quickly and efficiently delivering medicines, blood samples, or other medical supplies to remote or hard-to-reach areas. This can save lives and diseases can be detected and treated earlier. However, cars will continue to play an important role in transporting medical goods, especially in inner-city areas. Cars currently offer even more flexibility and capacity when transporting larger medical devices and equipment. However, together with drones, an integrated approach to medical delivery can be developed that takes advantage of both technologies.


Drone Logistics

Transportation of medical goods, with drones

Ground Logistics

Transportation of goods with vehicles on the ground

Inspections with Drones

Inspections of buildings and installations.

Our Services

Our company basically has two profit centers. Medical logistics in the air and on the ground is our main field of activity. However, we are also active in the field of drone-based inspections.

Drone Logistics

Drone logistics in the medical field means that drones are used to transport medical goods, such as medicines, blood samples and medical devices, to patients or medical facilities.

Ground Logistics

Not all goods can be transported by drone. Vehicles on the ground are mainly used when there are no-fly situations, such as inclement weather, the closure of airspace, or police or emergency services in the flight area.

Inspections with Drones

Drones can be used efficiently for inspections. Whether buildings, radio masts or technical systems - the use of drones increases the effectiveness, safety and, for example, the accuracy of inspections.


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13 February 2023
Right now, many questions are being asked about artificial intelligence (AI). The topic is hyped and is worth a headline in the media every day. We have been dealing with AI since the late 1980s. First we asked fundamental questions about the semanti...
11 February 2023

We have sharpened our business again, implemented new workflows and software systems and redesigned a website (in-house) for the upcoming new, large, powerful, exciting, innovative, exhausting, planned and announced tasks.

25 January 2023
If goods are to be transported with drones, this is not so easy compared to cars. With drones, the space for transport goods is limited, the aerodynamics and center of gravity must be right and the performance of the drone should not be affected. Man...

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German Copters DLS GmbH specializes in drone-based servises for photo and video recordings, engineering services and carrying out drone transports.

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