Data Collections for AI

Data Collections for AI

The use of an air situation image should not only be mandatory for drone flights in the "special category". We have noticed that if only one air observer is deployed, there is often not enough time available Bringing the drone back to the ground quickly enough. Certainly there is the possibility to lower the drone on the spot at high speed. But it is safer if the pilot has an image of the situation in the air. This allows the pilot to make a decision much earlier and land his aircraft in a safe place.

On average, German Copters carried out two safety landings on flight days. The landings were initiated so early that when the approaching helicopter flew over, the drone had already been on the ground for about a minute. Based on the experiences made, German Copters would welcome it if, firstly, at least for flights above 120 meters, an air situation picture became mandatory for the pilot and, secondly, that the ADAC equipped its helicopters with FLARM and ADS-B out and thus became more visible in the lower airspace .

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